The PHEITI Multi-stakeholder Group


MSG Chair

Bayani H. Agabin

Undersecretary, Legal Service Group - Department of Finance Focal and Chairperson, PH-EITI

Government Representatives

Department of Finance

Karlo Fermin S. Adriano

OIC-Undersecretary Fiscal Policy Monitoring Group (FPMG) - Department of Finance DOF Alternate Focal Person, PH-EITI

Bayani H. Agabin

Undersecretary, Legal Service Group - Department of Finance Focal and Chairperson, PH-EITI

Ma. Pamela P. Quizon

OIC Executive Director - Bureau of Local Government Finance

DENR - Mines and Geosciences Bureau

Romualdo D. Aguilos

Development Management Officer, Mineral Economics, Information and Publication Division
Alternate Focal Person, PH-EITI

Carlos Primo C. David

Undersecretary - Integrated Environmental Science
Full Member, PH-EITI

Ignatius Loyola A. Rodriguez

Undersecretary - Special Concerns and Legislative Affairs
Alternate Member, PH-EITI

Department of Energy

Nenito C. Jariel, Jr.

Director, Finance and Administration
Alternate Member, PH-EITI

Alessandro O. Sales

Undersecretary Full Member, PH-EITI

Agutus Cesar A. Navarro

Director - Financial Services
Alternate Member, PH-EITI

Department of the Interior and Local Government

Anna Liza F. Bonagua

Director - Bureau of Local Government Development Full Member, PH-EITI

Alfonso A. Maralli Jr.

Assistant Director - Bureau of Local Government Development Alternate Member, PH-EITI 

Union of Local Authorities of the Philippines (ULAP)

Dakila Carlo E. Cua

National Chairman and President
Governor - Province of Quirino
Full Member, PH-EITI

Maricor Ann D.G. Cauton

Director - Finance and Administration Alternate Member, PH-EITI

Industry Representatives

Ronald Rex S. Recidoro

Executive Director - Chamber of Mines of the Philippines Full Member, PH-EITI

Joan D. Adaci-Cattiling

President - OceanaGold Philippines, Inc.
Full Member, PH-EITI

Kiril Caral

Secretary - Petroleum Association of the Philippines/ Shell Philippines Exploration B.V.
Full Member, PH-EITI

Edgar Benedict C. Cutiongco

Country Manager - Petroleum Association of the Philippines/ Nido Production/ Galoc Production
Alternate Member, PH-EITI

Eulalio B. Austin, Jr.

President and CEO - Philex Mining Corporation
Full Member, PH-EITI

Francis Joseph G. Ballesterros, Jr.

Division Manager, Public and Regulatory Affairs -
Philex Mining Corporation
Alternate Member, PH-EITI

Odette A. Javier

VP and Assistant Corporate Secretary -
Lepanto Consolidated Mining Co.
Full Member, PH-EITI

Civil Society Representatives

Beverly Besmanos

National Coordinator - Bantay Kita
PH-EITI Full Member

Aniceta Baltar

Vice Chairperson - Concerned Citizens of Abra for Good Governance
Full Member, PH-EITI

Glenn Pajares

Board of Trustees - Sectoral Transparency Alliance on
Natural Resource Governance in Cebu, Inc.
Full Member, PH-EITI

Ladylyn L. Mangada

Associate Professor - University of the Philippines - Tacloban
Full Member, PH-EITI

Chito Trillanes

Focal Person - Social Action Center – Ecology Desk,
Diocese of Tandag, Surigao del Sur
Full Member, PH-EITI

Becky S. Barrios

General Secretary - Panaghiusa Alang Sa Kaugalingnan Ug Kalingkawasan Inc. (PASAKK INC.)
Alternate Member, PH-EITI

Silvestra N. Dadizon

Focal Person - Social Action Center – Ecology Desk, Diocese of Tandag, Surigao del Sur
Alternate Member, PH-EITI

Rodne R. Galicha

Alternate Member, PH-EITI

Jeanira G. Okubo

Member - PILIPINA, Baguio-Benguet Chapter
Alternate Member, PH-EITI

Arlene N. Sevilla-

GAD & Scholarship Focal - Tawi-Tawi Regional Agricultural College (TRAC)
President - Assembly of Masses and Basic Sectors for Unity and Harmony - Initiatives for Normalization and Advancement for Human Security (AMBUH-INAH)
Executive Director - Tawi-Tawi Alliance of Civil Society Organizations, Inc. (TACOS)
Alternate Member, PH-EITI

MSG Committee Membership

Governance and Oversight Committee

The Governance and Oversight Committee (GOC) addresses issues relating to the governance and strategic implementation of EITI in the Philippines, including compliance with and proper observance of the EITI principles, direction setting, decision-making procedures, accountability lines, constituency guidelines, and governance of the PH-EITI Secretariat

Agustus Cesar A. Navarro, DOE

Ronald Rex Recidoro, COMP

Francis Joseph Ballesteros, Philex

Kiril Caral, PAP

Chito U. Trillanes, Diocese of Tandag

Ladylyn Mangada, UPV Tacloban

Implementation Committee

The Implementation Committee (IC) advises the MSG on matters related to implementing the EITI Standard. The IC monitors the policy developments, reportorial process, documentation of the impact of implementation, and EITI validation.

Romualdo D. Aguilos, DENR-MGB

Dakila Carlo Cua, ULAP

Maricor Cauton, ULAP

Ronald Rex Recidoro, COMP

Ed Cutiongco, PAP

Joan D. Adaci-Cattiing, OceanaGold

Aniceta C. Baltar, CCAGG

Glenn Pajares, STANCe

Stakeholder Engagement Committee

The Stakeholder Engagement Committee (SEC) supports the MSG in ensuring inclusive and meaningful stakeholder participation in the EITI, and in monitoring, deliberating, and addressing issues on the same, including related corrective actions and recommendations, resulting from the regular EITI Validation process. 

Anna Liza Bonagua, DILG

Ronald Rex Recidoro, COMP

Romualdo D. Aguilos, DENR-MGB

Joan D. Adaci-Cattiling, OceanaGold

Eulalio Austin, Philex

Glenn Pajares, STANCe

Chito U. Trillanes, Diocese of Tandag

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee (FC) monitors PH-EITI expenditures and provides recommendations to mobilize resources for EITI implementation, including stakeholder engagement activities. 

Agustus Cesar A. Navarro, DOE

Odette Javier, Lepanto

Francis Joseph Ballesteros, Philex

Ladylyn Mangada, UPV Tacloban

Minutes of Meetings

Regular MSG Meetings

May 23, 202490th MSG MeetingView
March 19, 202489th MSG MeetingView
February 16, 202488th MSG MeetingView
November 28, 202387th MSG MeetingView
August 11, 202386th MSG MeetingView
May 12, 202385th MSG MeetingView
February 10, 202384th MSG MeetingView
December 9, 202283rd MSG MeetingView
October 21, 202282nd MSG MeetingView
September 16, 202281st MSG MeetingView
June 9, 202280th MSG MeetingView
May 27, 202279th MSG MeetingView
April 22, 202278th MSG MeetingView
March 18, 202277th MSG MeetingView
February 18, 202276th MSG MeetingView
January 14, 202275th MSG MeetingView
December 10, 202174th MSG MeetingView
November 12, 202173rd MSG MeetingView
October 8, 202172nd MSG MeetingView
September 10, 202171st MSG MeetingView
June 11, 202170th MSG MeetingView
May 14, 202169th MSG MeetingView
April 16, 202168th MSG MeetingView
March 12, 202167th MSG MeetingView
February 11, 202166th MSG Meeting View
January 15, 202165th MSG MeetingView
December 9, 202064th MSG MeetingView
August 18, 202063rd MSG Meeting View
May 29, 202062nd MSG Meeting View
December 6, 201961st MSG MeetingView
October 4, 201960th MSG MeetingView
July 5, 201959th MSG MeetingView
April 5, 201958th MSG MeetingView
February 8, 201957th MSG MeetingView
December 14, 201856th MSG MeetingView
November. 8, 201855th MSG MeetingView
October  5, 201854th MSG MeetingView
August. 30, 201853rd MSG MeetingView
June 8, 201852nd MSG MeetingView
May 10, 201851st MSG MeetingView
March 9, 201850th MSG MeetingView
February 9, 201849th MSG MeetingView
December 8, 2017 48th MSG MeetingView
November 10, 2017 47th MSG MeetingView
October 12, 201746th MSG MeetingView
August 30, 201745th MSG MeetingView
July 14, 201744th MSG MeetingView
June 16, 201743rd MSG MeetingView
May 12, 201742nd MSG MeetingView
April 7, 201741st MSG MeetingView
February 3, 201740th MSG MeetingView
January 13, 201739th MSG MeetingView
December 9, 201638th MSG MeetingView
November 4, 201637th MSG MeetingView
October 7, 201636th MSG MeetingView
August 5, 201635th MSG MeetingView
July 1, 201634th MSG MeetingView
June 3, 201633rd MSG MeetingView
April 8, 201632nd MSG MeetingView
March 11, 201631st MSG MeetingView
February 9, 201630th MSG MeetingView
January 15, 201629th MSG MeetingView
December 4, 201528th MSG MeetingView
November 13, 201527th MSG MeetingView
October 2, 201526th MSG MeetingView
September 4, 201525th MSG MeetingView
July 3, 201524th MSG MeetingView
May 7, 201523rd MSG MeetingView
March 27, 201522nd MSG MeetingView
February 27, 201521st MSG MeetingView
January 23, 201520th MSG MeetingView
December 5, 201419th MSG MeetingView
November 7, 201418th MSG MeetingView
October 7, 201417th MSG MeetingView
September 5, 201416th MSG MeetingView
July 4, 201415th MSG MeetingView
June 5, 201414th MSG MeetingView
May 2, 201413th MSG MeetingView
April 4, 201412th MSG MeetingView
March 7, 201411th MSG MeetingView
January 24, 201410th MSG MeetingView
November 28, 20139th MSG MeetingView
October 11, 20138th MSG MeetingView
August 23, 20137th MSG MeetingView
August 2, 20136th MSG MeetingView
July 9, 20135th MSG MeetingView
June 13, 20134th MSG MeetingView
May 15, 20133rd MSG MeetingView
March 1, 20132nd MSG MeetingView
January 29, 20131st MSG MeetingView

TWG and Special MSG Meetings

December 15, 2021Special MSG MeetingView
March 23, 2021Special MSG MeetingView
November 9, 2020Special MSG MeetingView
September 11, 2020Special MSG MeetingView
July 28, 2020MSG Webinar on the Sixth ReportView