Extractives Data Generator


To strengthen a culture of open data, the PH-EITI seeks to ensure that extractive data is published and utilized by a broad spectrum of stakeholders through the Extractives Data Generator or EDGe. 

PH-EITI collates and publishes data about the extractive industries to better inform our policymakers and citizens and increase understanding about the sector.

Data on government revenues and subnational payments are reconciled amounts from data reported to PH-EITI of both companies and concerned government agencies. It reflects the true amount of the transaction between the project and the government agency.

Gender & Employment in the Extractives
(Data from the Participating companies)

A government-led, multi-stakeholder initiative implementing EITI, the global standard that promotes the open, accountable management, and good governance of oil, gas, and mineral resources. PH-EITI was created on 26 November 2013 through EO No. 147, s. of 2013. It is a government commitment first announced through EO No. 79, s. of 2012.

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