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Constituencies Meeting

November 29, 2023

A quarterly meeting that happens on a regular basis to encourage conversations, decisions, and actions on certain issues or initiatives that impact many different stakeholders. 

The MSG will then meet for a pre-Validation workshop in the afternoon. Facilitated by the EITI International Secretariat, the pre-Validation workshop seeks to take stock of the MSG’s efforts in keeping up to standard. This is in relation to the targeted assessment in January 2024 by the EITI Board, which will evaluate whether the Philippines is compliant with Requirement 1.3 of the 2019 EITI standard.


FORGE PH: The 2023 PH-EITI National Conference

November 30, 2023

PH-EITI presents its latest country report at a national gathering of extractive industry stakeholders. Participants are expected to openly articulate viewpoints on issues and concerns affecting extractives and natural resource governance. The agenda also includes panel discussions on various topics, including the presentation of the 2023 EITI Standards. 

A government-led, multi-stakeholder initiative implementing EITI, the global standard that promotes the open, accountable management, and good governance of oil, gas, and mineral resources. PH-EITI was created on 26 November 2013 through EO No. 147, s. of 2013. It is a government commitment first announced through EO No. 79, s. of 2012.

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